Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hawai'i Part II

Hey again.

First off, sorry about the shortness of the last post and the hastiness of this post...internet connection is at a minimum here on the islands.  Secondly, I'm abandoning the whole "I'll write this like I'm having a horrible time when ACTUALLY I'm having a really great time!" tone and I'll just give you some pictures and some captions.

Day 3 (Cont.):

All three of the above pictures are from a drive Nicole, Beckie and I took after renting our car and just exploring. 

The four above pictures are of a dragon fruit we bought a side of the road fruit stand.  Pretty mild, the texture and taste are similar to a kiwi.  

Day 4:

These above pictures are from a day at the beach with Beckie and Nicole's grandparents. 

The above pictures were from a trip that Nicole, Beckie and I took to a wildlife reserve. 
Above is the SLEEPING GIANT.  If you look from left to right, you see his head, his open mouth and the rest of his body.  Tequila does vodka.  


linda t said...

Great pics! I am loving every single one!

You both are sooo cute and beachy looking.
Praying your time is memorable, relaxing and SOOO MUCH FUN!

Love you all!

NanAZ said...

Luvin' that you're sharing your vacation as you go. Great pics, but I'd like a little more story as time allows...I'm sure the weather is brutal, but you'll survive.

O.k., pretty jealous to be year we'll get our chance. Have FUN!!!

miranda said...

Hey brother... so excited you guys are having a great time, but then again I really didn't expect anything less than awesomeness in Hawaii. You guys look beachy!!!