Friday, September 07, 2007

Hawai'i and the like

Greetings all.  
Nicole and I are doing well.  Internet access is sparse so I apologize for all the time that has passed since my last entry.  I've heard some of you want more stories behind the pictures so I'll let Nicole dictate the happenings to you.
Day 5: 
The Glass beach-for you Linda!  Shawn, my mom, grandparents and I all took the trip together.  The scattered glass on the beach is from an old dump so now the broken bottles have become smooth jewels for the taking.  Not only did we search for glass but had some great Chinese food from a local eatery.  

Day 6: 
My grandparents treated us to a wonderful dinner at The Beach House.  The restaurant didn't believe in shades so we spent dinner blocking the sun with our menus and eating one handed.  The food was delicious and the we were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset.  Unfortunately all the best pictures were taken by my mom so these will have to do.  These are of Shawn and I hanging out at the bar before getting our table.

Day 7:
Trip to the North Shore.  It's just as ritzy as it sounds.  Princeville (or Princeton as my Grandma calls it) and Hanalei (where Puff the Magic Dragon is from) make up the North Shore.  We had our first experience with Shave Ice...that's right, it's SHAVE ice, not ShavED ice.  You mainlanders may think of some lame-o church picnic snow cone...oh no, this isn't for the weak of heart.  Shave Ice is usually served with Macadamia nut ice cream (that's right, its ICE cream, not ICED cream)  on the bottom of your ozone killing styrofoam cup and is then topped with a mound of finely shaved ice which is then doused with up to 3 flavors of your choice.  There are many shave ice huts in the game, but few actually deliver.  Unfortunately there are no cameras allowed in these primitive huts so you will have to look at the pictures of the rest of our trip.  Many of these are of the very north shore and the scenery was breath taking.  

The cave behind me was dug by hand by ancient Hawaiians looking for evil spirits that they never found.

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miranda said...

so awesome!! I miss you guys and am glad the joys of Hawaii have enchanted you both!!