Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hawaii or Hawai' choose

Hey all.  Aloha from the great island of Kauai.  Nicole and I are having a great ol' time.  I'm finding a lot free time to avoid working out, running or wearing a shirt.  The weather is amazing and I'm currently sitting in an outdoor shopping mall with 80% cloud cover and it's in the low 80's.  Please pray for us as we try to find the strength to carry on.  

Our living arrangements have changed a little.  Nicole's Mom's cousin got a time share for the first week of us being here but they changed their plans and couldn't make it so Nicole, Beckie and I are staying at the resort till tomorrow (Sunday).  Until that time slowly gets here, we are holed up at the Point at Poipu till the shelling ceases.  While you forward these prayer requests on a email prayer chain, enjoy these pictures of our plight.  

First Day:

This is the night view from our balcony.  You can see below that the enemy forces have dug some kind of pool that has jets like a hot spring...just horrible.

Second Day:

Our first morning was started by the same view of this dilapidated island.  

Our captors forced us onto a public beach where we were to roam around and participate in a native activity called "Snorkeling."  I don't know if I will ever pick up this foreign dialect.  

After this grueling activity, Nicole and I were forced to huddle with each other and find warmth.

My poor wife was forced into a car with horrid foliage attached to her.

Our captors attention was on other things and we were able to escape for a few hours.  The local merchants gave us some you can see, I'm wasting away.

Third Day:

After a horrible nights sleep on a king sized bed, our captors took us to a golf course overlooking the ocean and pitted us against each other.  My brother-in-law Jason, and nephews Winston and Benjamin surely got it worse than me...

You can see the fear behind those blinding sun glasses.

More to come soon...again, please pray for us.

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linda t said...

Oh my gosh! I am laughing out loud!
Shawn, you are one funny writer!
SOOO thrilled you are making good of a very sad and scary situation...
Here's my mantra "you gotta do what cha gotta do".
So there.