Friday, November 07, 2008

Pictures and a few words...

Hey guys. Been really busy. I'm actually writing a worship song for a retreat I'm helping with in January. Computer + Recording Software = Ton o' Fun. Ton o' Fun is not actually the song title but I wonder how I could introduce that song at church AND tie it into a piece of scripture without giggling. My laziness in using o' rather than of would only make the song less useful...even for the most light-hearted Sunday morning service. EVEN for Open Door Fellowship.

Speaking of Open Door Fellowship, I have been helping design the logo and revamp the website for my church. It has been a really big learning process and been a lot of fun.

Okay, lets get to the pictures:

Maybe I should open my own resturant...Yes. That is coconut shrimp with a pineapple and mango chutney. It's from Schwann's. Lovely. But what is the delectable side dish you ask? Funyuns. I'm looking for investors.

Emolyn helped me vacuum and mop the house. The halloween party we had took it's toll on our floor. This was the first time I carried her around in the carrier while doing something like this. I think she found the vacuum terrifying and soothing. She mostly just sat there and told me spots that I had missed.

Trying out a couple "riffs" for Emolyn. When she glazes over, I know I gotta bring a little more. When she falls asleep I know it hasn't been a productive day.

Trying to get well again. This is the battery of pills I have been taking.
Top 2 green pills: Juice Plus Vegetables
Left 3 red pills: Juice Plus Fruit
Right 1 brownish(?) pill: Can't remember
Right 1 purplish (??) pill: Something helpful
Bottom 2 pink: Some allergy-so-I-can-sleep-like-I-am-in-a-coma pill.

Hopefully we can do another video soon. Thanks for visiting.


Miranda said...

Emolyn has this incredible gift for knowing what music is good and what isn't... if she doesn't like it, you know you have a stinker. I always go to her with any music that I'm not sure is cool or not... and she always sets me straight. Thank you Emolyn... thank you.

linda t said...

Great post!
I have been taking that little pink pill for longer than I want to admit... so I can sleep and wake up stuffy-nose-free.
Thank God for Costco antihistamine pink pills!

linda t said...

Oh BTW, I have the coconut shrimp w/ mango chutney on order for my Schwann guy's next visit! So excited!
I know I will love it!

pendants lighting said...

Cute baby!

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