Monday, June 23, 2008


Sorry to all that have been checking in and seeing that nothing new has been posted.

First, I want to explain more about my situation and taking care of Emolyn. I don't feel like I fully explained the situation in the last post. The plan had always been for Nicole to go back to work but we weren't sure what it was going to look like as far as caring for Emolyn was concerned. Nicole and I decided that she would work only weekends so that I could take care of sweet Emolyn on weekends and Nicole would take care of her during the week while I worked. This all sounded amazing until I realized that I would be responsible for Emolyn's safety, food and entertainment for around 14 hours (Nicole does 12 hour shifts + travel time, etc.)

As you saw in the last post, I figured these times at home with Emolyn would be a great subject for blogging. But, as you can see with the lack of posting, Emolyn has become more desireful (oh, it's a word...) for my entertainment. The first time I took care of her, she was Mrs. Sleepyhead but these last few times have been long periods of awakeness (also a word) and small amounts of sleepocity (word).

Since her amounts of sleeping are few, I have taken those times to do actual things (I realize blogging is a thing, but try explaining that to my beautiful wife...) around the house. Last week I reorganized my office with a smattering of dishes and laundry. Yesterday I put a new door knob on our back door and put up weather stripping on the very same door.

Amongst all this productivity (too strong of a word) I must prepare myself. I have made a diagram of what a productive dad looks like.

1. Baby Monitor- We were given a cordless baby monitor for Emolyn's baby shower. This gives me the same level of communication that the Voskot 1 had when it pierced earth's atmosphere but it also has a visual indicator so if I am vacuuming, I can see that she is crying. Hazah!

2. Bluetooth Headset- I don't get a lot of phone calls, but when I do, it's nice to be able to speak with both hands free. The only problem is that I feel so weird just speaking into the air...the comfort of a bent elbow and an apparatus touching my ear is too familiar.

3. Shure Headphones- These headphones are amazing. These little beauties are connected to my iPod (not pictured) in my pocket. Not only do they convert digital files into audio bliss, they act like a ear plug and a headphone all in one sweet package. I only keep one in since my other ear is all business with it's phone headset. I am able to listen to many a podcast while keeping a keen ear out for Emolyn.

4. Hair- Unlike most people, if I'm home for the day, I still get dressed like I was going out. Me at my most comfortable state is fully clothed (shoes included) and ready for the day. Along with this is my hair. I like hats, but a lot of times I feel like I need to do something for me. A nice hairstyle makes me feel like I've accomplished something...I think I just heard my masculinity calling...

5. Tattoos- I had the tattoos before Emolyn, but I feel like the presence of a little girl in my life means more. A father with tattoos means my daughter being dropped off by her male friends earlier than agree and perhaps more respectful verbiage from said male friends. Examples of verbiage: yes sir, of course sir, guard her with my life, home in a half hour, change your oil why you wait governor. You get the picture.

Hope this gives a better sense of fun it is to take care of my sweet little girl.


Miranda said...

I love you Shawn... you make me smile. You are a very good daddy! When is your tattoo for Emolyn coming?

Nicole T said...

She sure loves her days with dad, usually spent making up words!

Skerrib said...

Very nice! I especially like the look of joyful trepidation. Very parental.

linda t said...

You're killing me!
What a great Dad!

NanAZ said...

You're hilarious!! I hope Kevin saw this.

callmeclarkplz said...

1. Your sheer comic brilliance never...EVER... ceases to amaze and entertain me. Believe it or not, I may slightly miss the good ol' days of IAP ... but for that reason and that reason only.

2. I was poking around your archives and found a music review post where I (your great friend, Josh) let you borrow Norma Jean's "Redeemer" album. Then I saw you dug Silversun (who i JUST started listening to, though i remember you mentioning them back in the day), KSE (who I love), and Underoaths DtGL album, and thought "Ah yes, these WERE good days indeed".

Anywho, all that melancholy ranting aside, both Underoath AND Norma Jean have albums coming out very, very soon. NJ's new stuff is... interesting, to say the least.

Keep it up brotha