Thursday, April 03, 2008

Emolyn's iPod

As any good father should do, I got Emolyn a pink iPod nano so that she could have the appropriate tunage for her nursery. Over the next couple posts I will discuss the songs I have chosen.

But, let me just say before you begin reading this: I'm not into the whole "Baby Einstein" thing that is supposed to make your kid smarter. I grew up listening to the sweet sounds of a 1978 Datsun B-210 engine and I turned out fine.

Since her playlist is on random, here is the first 10 songs:

Say - John Mayer
This guy had serious songwriting chops. I don't care what people say about him, he's funny (see my link of the week), he's an amazing guitar player and he's one of the few artists that openly admit that he's "Trying to find the middle ground between the phrases “million units” and “artistic integrity.”" This song is just so catchy AND good. Great chorus.

Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, IL - Sufjan Stevens
This guy is an amazing song writer. His songs sound serious, honest, playful and jovial all at the same time. I thought of just filling her iPod with his discography and saying "done."

Drifting - Andy McKee
Check out the video of him playing! Beautiful song.

Overdue - The Get Up Kids
Love these guys. Sweet song. Great usage of the word "penance."

Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
If you haven't heard this song then I can't even begin to explain it. A Cappella with a vocal harmonizer. Beautiful.

Little Eyes - Yo La Tengo
Such a sweet song. It was hard finding songs that were quiet the whole way through and that didn't build to something really loud at the end. When I got the iPod, I think this was the first song I put on it.

One Safe Place - Marc Cohn
Such a cool song. This is the live version off of his live album (go figure) so it has this feel that the studio can't create.

On Your Porch - The Format
These guys write some great stuff. Quiet and powerful.

Song A - Bruce Hornsby
This song is off of his Intersections Cd. What I love about this song is that it's just piano and that's exactly what I wanted.

Walk On Water - Marc Cohn
His self titled album could have been all that she listened to and I would have been fine with that. More where this one came from.

More to follow.


ATS said...

god bless the 21st century

kristen said...

I LOVE hide and seek. Some of these I know and some I will have to check out I love finding new music!

Miranda said...

I still have my Emolyn playlist to add to the iPod.

I love the song "on your porch"... so good

Skerrib said...

You could keep her in a bureau drawer (an OPEN one thank you) and give her no toys except paper towel rolls, and she'd be fine.

And very smart on choosing grownup-music--you'll be saner for it.