Friday, March 28, 2008

From a new father

Well, I'm back. I didn't really go anywhere, but I didn't come here.

What brings me back to my blog you ask? I really don't know. I think the whole concept behind a blog is to have a venue to just flesh out ideas about anything. It's a strange concept because a journal used to be something that you hid. You wrote what you wanted no one else to know. But, with a blog, you have a journal that is a running conversation with everyone. I like this because these thoughts have to go somewhere and my wife isn't that into my thoughts on issues like: Bands and why they feel they need define their "sound." So, with all that, I'm here to say: I'm back and I'm ready to talk about it.

I don't really know exactly what I'll be writing about, but now that I have a baby girl, I think I'll have a lot more to say.

Can't wait to get started.


linda t said...

You're back!!!

Miranda said...

I am so excited to hear about your life through your blog... and I am anxious to hear your views on bands defining their sound. I am still so amazed that you are a dad of a beautiful little girl. I will visit often... and be sure to post pictures of your life too, because those are fun.

NanAZ said...

Well, it's about time! I'm looking forward to hearing about how you feel being a dad...what's surprising, what was like you thought it would be, what's scary, etc.

I can't wait to see that girl of yours. And be sure to put us on your babysitting list, when she's allowed to be babysat...although I imagine its a pretty long list already.

Love you guys.

kristen said...

you better have pictures mister! of course of emolyn!

brandi said...

We can't wait to see more pictures of the baby. She is so precious! Congratulations

Brandi & Aaron